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3/8″ Washed Pea Gravel

Full Yard: $43.00

Half Yard: $21.50

Pea gravel is commonly used for pathways, walkways, and as a general concrete mix or smaller exposed aggregate top layer for decorative concrete pours.

3/8” washed pea gravel is light grey to dark grey in color. It is a round, washed rock approximately 3/8″ in size. While this type of gravel is perfectly suited for drainage, it will not stay in place easily if used for a driveway (See our 5/8″ minus crushed gravel for driveway application). To prevent undesired movement and spreading, place a thin layer of gravel over the area desired.

Wondering if you should choose pea gravel over another type of rock, like crushed gravel? Here’s a great article by Braen Stone on several unique features of both pea gravel and crushed gravel, and how to get the most out of your landscaping materials.

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