Air Compressor (Tankless)

Day (24-Hours): $14.00

Weekly (7-Days): $50.00

Monthly (31-Days): $150.00

We allow you 30-MINUTES of TRAVEL TIME FREE on every rental!

A Full Day Rate is figured on a 8-Hour Rental, but is good up to a full 24-hour period. Charges are calculated from the time of rental until the time the item is returned; late returns may incur additional fees. Prices are subject to change at any time.

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Rent a tankless air compressor from Pasco Rentals. Our tankless air compressor comes in handy when trying to inflate tires, pools, and pool toys!

The Speedaire 25F537 tankless electric air compressor is capable of producing 1.75 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air at 90 psi.  While this electric compressor is small, it is also lightweight compared to our other models.  This is a perfect air compressor for inflating bicycle  and automobile tires, above ground inflatable pools, pool floats and toys.  If you don’t need instant inflation, this compressor will do the job at the right price.

A tankless air compressor may also be used for winterizing recreational vehicles (RV’s) and swimming pools.


19.8 lbs.


14-1/4" H x 9-1/8" W


Maximum 115 psi

Free Air CFM

Maximum 1.75 at 90 psi


115 V

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