Globe String Lights

Day (24-Hours): $11.00

Weekly (7-Days): $44.00

Monthly (31-Days): $132.00

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This set of globe string lights is a great addition to your canopy rental. They add 25′ to 50′ of soft fluorescent lighting to keep your party illuminated!

If you’re planning an outdoor event or preparing your outdoor seating for more guests, you may be in the market for new lighting. We have it! If you’re looking for lights to go with your canopy, or just some lights to brighten the backyard for your barbecue, our globe string lights are perfect for you. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, or have new outdoor patio seating our globe string lights will keep your spaces lit up.

The cord for these lights is coiled, allowing you the freedom to move from 25′ to 50′ for perfect placement. If you’re using a canopy these lights are perfect for you! The light softly bounces off the white canvas, filling the area with a warm glow. This ensures that, no matter how late the party goes, things will stay lit.

If you are hosting an event in the evening we also rent canopy heaters in a variety of sizes for your convenience! Additionally, we offer canopy string lights for an alternative look.

Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? No worries. Give us a call and we can help you determine how many lights you will need for your event. We also offer a variety of party rentals for events and weddings! If you’re planning on renting multiple items for an event, ask us about reserving your rentals!

100w (Fluorescent)


25' to 50' ( First 20' of Cord is Straight, Remaining Cord is Coiled and Stretchable up to 50' )

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Globes Can Be Placed up to 80" Apart

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