Ladle (Large)

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Our selection of large aluminum ladles works perfectly for hot or cold liquids and scoops 24 ounces of your favorite recipe!

The 6″ cup on our large ladle fills an average bowl of soup and is handy to use with many of our stock pots. All of our ladles feature curved 20″ handles which makes them nice to hang on the side of your pot – instead of fishing it out of the soup or messing up your workspace.

Additionally, if you need serving utensils or other hot food equipment we have a wide selection for your convenience. We carry extra food pans to easily switch out food, serving ladles both large and smallinsulated bowls, as well as a variety of beverage containers for you to choose from.

Are you catering or hosting an event and not sure what all you should have? Check out this catering checklist with all of the must haves to make your event great!

Planning an event and need help deciding what you will need? Give us a call and we can help you determine what you need for your event. We also offer a variety of party rentals for events and weddings! If you’re planning on renting multiple items for an event ask us about reserving your rentals!