Lawn Roller

Day (24-Hours): $14.00

Weekly (7-Days): $56.00

Monthly (31-Days): $168.00

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Celebrating 50 Years at Pasco Rentals with 1968 Prices on special items… $1.50 for the first day – all month long!

The water-filled lawn roller is a must-have addition for anyone laying new sod. It’s perfect for leveling older grass lawns with sunken areas from watering.

The water filled lawn roller is used to help press the roots of your new sod into the soil when you are laying sod.  The ground should be moist but not soaking wet.  The object is not to compact the soil but rather to promote the adhesion of your new sod to the soil.  The lawn roller is 24″ wide and is filled with water and then pushed by hand.




30 gallons of water


250 lbs when full

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Can also be towed!

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