Lawn Seeder

Rental Rates:

2-Hour Minimum: $30.00

Each Additional Hour: $10.00

Overnight Special (5pm - 9am): $50.00

Full Day (24-Hours): $90.00

Weekly (7-Days): $360.00

Monthly (31-Days): $1080.00

We allow you 30-MINUTES of TRAVEL TIME FREE on every rental!

A Full Day Rate is figured on a 8-Hour Rental, but is good up to a full 24-hour period. Charges are calculated from the time of rental until the time the item is returned; late returns may incur additional fees. Prices are subject to change at any time.

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A lawn seeder (also known as a “overseeder”) can be used to help fill in bare patches of grass or to plant new seed to invigorate your lawn with new growth.

A lawn overseeder is a machine that slices seed into existing lawns to fill bare patches or to plant new seed on bare ground.  An overseeder can also be called a slit seeder due to the way the thin blades slice the soil.  A seed bin, that is attached to the machine, drops the seed and the blades slice it into the soil creating a good seed to soil contact.  Its best to make two cross-hatch-style passes that are at a 45 degree angle one way and then a 45 degree angle the other way creating a diamond pattern.


20 lbs seed


140 lbs empty


Briggs and Stratton 6HP

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