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Monday – Saturday:
8:00 am – 6:00 pm

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Buy Propane Gas!

$2.83 / Gallon



Pasco Rentals now requires payment
at the time of each rental.

Some rental equipment will also require a deposit.
We accept credit, debit, check and cash*

Out of state and non-local licenses require a CREDIT CARD PAYMENT!

*Payment in cash will require an additional deposit


Pasco Rentals ahora requiere pago
en el momento de cada alquiler.

Algunos equipos de alquiler también requerirán un depósito.
Aceptamos crédito, débito, cheque y efectivo *

Las licencias fuera del estado y no locales

* El pago en efectivo requerirá un depósito adicional.

Pasco Rentals COVID-19 Policy:

We will strive to maintain social distancing and disinfecting guidelines as we continue to serve our community.

Thank you for your continued support of Pasco Rentals!

Spring Is Finally Here!

Ready to get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine? Our huge selection of lawn care equipment and garden tools are available to you! Whether you’re landscaping or doing yard work, we have the tools you need!

Pasco Rentals carries equipment to help with every aspect of your lawn and landscaping. As a result, our customers come back every spring to rent equipment to dethatch and aerate their lawns. Reseed or fertilize easily with our spreaders and re-seeders. We have basic and handy tools to help with all types of gardening and yardwork.

Check out our entire line of lawn and garden equipment here!


Rent a 4.1 cfm Air Compressor from Pasco Rentals!

Lawn Aerator

Help your grass get some fresh air! Our Lawn Aerator removes cores of dirt from your lawn, allowing the roots to receive much needed water and oxygen.

Rent Canopy Lights from Pasco Rentals!

Lawn Dethatcher

Give your lawn a comb-over! Our Lawn Dethatcher will remove dead grass or “thatch” from your lawn. Use it each spring to “comb” out the dead grass so your lawn grows better!

Rent a Canopy or Tent at Pasco Rentals!

Rear-Tine Tiller

Tired of tilling your soil by hand? This tiller’s large 20″ tines are able to break up the most difficult dirt, clay or sod to get your large garden or lawn prepped for spring planting!

Rent a Canopy or Tent at Pasco Rentals!

Hydraulic Sod Cutter

Need help cutting sod to plant a new lawn? Our 18″ hydraulic sod cutter has variable ground speeds in both forward and reverse and intuitive controls for the operator.

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