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We will maintain regular business hours

until further notice:

Monday – Saturday:

8:00 am – 6:00 pm


9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Pasco Rentals COVID-19 Policy:

We will remain open with regular business hours during the “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” Order.

Pasco Rentals falls under the Essential Business category according to the definition provided by the Washington State website

We will strive to maintain social distancing and disinfecting guidelines as we continue to serve our community. Thank you for your continued support of Pasco Rentals!


Buy Propane Gas!

$2.09 / Gallon


Time to Dethatch, Aerate, Rake & Fertilize!


Lawn Dethatcher

Spring is the perfect time to use this handy power rake to dethatch your lawn by “combing” out all the dead grass from last year! 


Lawn Aerator

Save water this summer by aerating your lawn!  By pulling up the cores of compacted soil, your lawn will absorb water easier, creating a healthier, lower maintenance lawn!



Towable Lawn Aerator

When you have a large area to aerate, hook up this handy towable aerator to your mower or tractor, and take a lap!  You’ll be finished in time for iced tea in the shade! 


Split Drive Aerator

When you need to make tight turns, or just want the job to be a little bit easier, the split drive aerator allows you to stop half the tines from rotating, making turning smooth and easy! 

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