Barbecue Grill (Propane) (Large)

Day (24-Hours): $67.50

Weekly (7-Days): $270.00

Monthly (31-Days): $810.00

We allow you 30-MINUTES of TRAVEL TIME FREE on every rental!

A Full Day Rate is figured on a 8-Hour Rental, but is good up to a full 24-hour period. Charges are calculated from the time of rental until the time the item is returned; late returns may incur additional fees. Prices are subject to change at any time.

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Our large propane barbecue grill is perfect for your big parties or events! The BBQ comes with a full propane tank and you only pay for the propane you use!  

This commercial-grade Big John Grills A4P-LPSS propane-fueled BBQ grill has 4 burners with variable controls and it’s mounted on a rolling cart so that it’s easy to use and easy to transport!

It can hold up to (36) 5″ diameter “hockey puck” frozen hamburgers at one time.

Call and reserve one for your party or fundraiser today!


23"W x 74"L x 31.5"H


275 lbs

Cooking Surface

16.25" x 65"

Alternate Names (AKA)

Propane BBQ

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