Canopy Heater


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Rent a canopy heater that operates as both a fresh air circulator or a heater at the touch of a switch and is thermostatically controlled.

The Flagro THP-175DF commercial canopy/tent propane heater is perfect for those cool weather outdoor parties.  It’s easy to set up and uses a duct to feed the warm air into the tent while the main box sets outside.  This type of ductable direct fired heater provides warm air without worrying about carbon monoxide fumes.  We provide a full 25 gallon propane tank with the heater rental and on return we top it off and you only pay for propane used at our current propane price.

*** Not for use in residential living areas or recreational vehicles! ***

                                                                                                  Use this Heating Estimator to find out the BTU Requirements for your Canopy Heater!


175,000 BTU


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