Lawn Aerator (Split-Drive)

Rental Rates:

2-Hour Minimum: $40.00

Each Additional Hour: $12.00

Each Additional Day: $112.00

Overnight Special (5pm - 9am): $64.00

Full Day (24-Hours): $112

Weekly (7-Days): $448.00

Monthly (31-Days): $1344.00

We allow you 30-MINUTES of TRAVEL TIME FREE on every rental!

A Full Day Rate is figured on a 8-Hour Rental, but is good up to a full 24-hour period. Charges are calculated from the time of rental until the time the item is returned; late returns may incur additional fees. Prices are subject to change at any time.


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Rent our split-drive lawn aerator to aerate your lawn with ease! Using power-steering and water-weighted pressure, you can aerate a lot of lawn in no time! The 25″ wide split-drive pro aerator has simple controls that allow you to aerate straight, follow curves and turn left or right.

Using the Classen TA-25D split drive law aerator for lawn aeration helps to control lawn thatch and soil compaction by removing cores with a machine known as an aerator.  Lawn aeration is very important for a healthy lawn.  When the lawn thatch is too thick or the ground is to hard, removing cores will allow water and nutrients in and help the grass develop longer roots.

We carry the Classen Pro Powersteer Aerator – the only aerator with power steering! The easy to use controls make it simple to navigate the curves, turns, and obstacles in your yard. This machine also has a refillable water drum for extra weight when the ground is extra tough!


9.5 Gal


48.5" H x 40.5" W x 50" L


370 lbs


29,000 sq ft per hour

More Information

Aerating Depth 2.75" Aerating Width 24.5"

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